Our Strategy and Pricing

Our Goal

Provide our clients business with the best exposure possible with the minimum amount spent.

How do we do this?
With a combination of Social Media postings, promotion that suits your business and business type, and website blogs that create value add content for your specific target audience.

Our strategy
We post everyday, mainly targeting Facebook, and use a combination of product or service posts with common interest stories relating to your business.
We include custom graphics, posts that encourage interactivity, and analytics that track how its all working.

We will custom create a strategy to suit your specific needs and that of your business. Our goal is to increase your follower base so that every post that goes out is free marketing to a known client base that is interested in your business.


Our pricing starts from a little as $15 per week!, with incremental increase based on additional services and posting types.
 - We post daily (Depending on your package)
 - We research articles that match your business
 - We handle promotions and targeted marketing
 - We post to all social media streams that you are using
 - We create custom graphics for using in postings
 - We can create weekly Blog posts on your website for use in posting
 - We offer full reporting on performance

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