About Social Media Marketing

Marketing Streams

Online marketing is now considered an essential practice of a successful business. It is the process of using the web and internet connected services to promote, build awareness, communicate and even sell to clients. It requires a multi-tiered approach involving social media, communications, search engine optimisation, email marketing and online advertising. Quite simply, the days of simply having a website and investing in SEO are gone.

People are increasingly using social media streams such as Facebook which bypass traditional websites. This trend in consumer behaviour is clear from accurate web statistics, and marketing results.

Fortunately, these changes have given great opportunities to small business just like yours. Technology has become smarter, more efficient and affordable for those with the knowledge and time to make it work. Professor Website has that knowledge and expertise to guide you through this process. Move with us to appeal directly to the people you require as clients.

Google +

Google is adapting to the trends using Google+ and Google My Business which are powerful and emerging tools that can surely benefit you.

Google My Business appears in the top right section of the google search page while Google + latest postings will come up directly on the homepage. Professor Website will carefully craft Google resources to benefit you and your business.

Linked In Business

LinkedIn has now become the ‘Facebook for Business’. It has a heavy corporate presence and its database is expansive allowing users to search easily for businesses and the employees.

Creating an active LinkedIn Business account is essential for generating interest and visibility in a heavily saturated market. Professor Website will publish news worthy stories to generate interest.


Whilst once considered the “Social Media” of cat videos, it has become far more in the last few years. With a heavy focus on marketing strategies to both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer), Facebook has cornered the market quite successfully. Its marketing and promotion tools allow business to pin point and target selected markets using one of the most complete people databases in the world.

Facebook is growing every day, releasing new features as it does, indeed ensuring they stay on top of the Social Media ladder. A Facebook Business page is now essential. Up to date content is critical to have your business in front of your audience. Communication is dealt directly with your client base and managed quickly and effectively. Strategies we use involve timing based on the content and methodology of post. Facebook posts are not paid Advertisement. Our posts appeal to the human side with common interest articles and your own information that may be relevant. Your posts will build interest instead of direct selling.


Facebook is a major player in Social Media Marketing, in a rapidly changing field.


Twitter is a high impact, concise method of brand exposure. Its fast and to the point.

Posts are limited to short sentences and links, while not necessary for every business, it’s is another way of linking social media together and building brand awareness. Using hash tags you can bring your story, link or Advert quickly into focus.
Twitter posts rank highly on google making them a key Marketing Strategy.


Twitter is short sharp and to the point. Great to capture interest and viewers


Instagram is primarily for images and videos, which has its own benefits.

While it may be considered outside a Marketing Strategy, it should not be overlooked. Instagram appeals to the highly visual society that is emerging.

Like Twitter this should be used more as a Brand awareness tool that will link users to your primary Marketing tool such as a Website or Facebook Business Page.


  Instagram is all about pictures, use it to link to key posts and products

Social Media Streams Breakdown